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Posted on 8/12/2023

Embrace Serenity and Renewal: Unwind in Tahoe's Tranquil Fall

Escape to the restorative tranquility of North Lake Tahoe's fall beauty. Embrace healing activities amidst the serene woods and calming waters. From invigorating outdoor adventures to soothing spa treatments, find renewal with Tahoe Moon Properties.

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Posted on 4/8/2023

Top 5 Romantic Things to Do in North Lake Tahoe This Spring

As spring breathes new life into the picturesque landscapes of North Lake Tahoe, the region becomes the perfect destination for couples seeking a romantic getaway. From scenic strolls to candlelit dinners, North Lake Tahoe has something for every couple to enjoy. Here are our top 5 romantic things to do in this enchanting destination this spring.

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Posted on 8/30/2022

Our Guide To Fishing North Lake Tahoe '" Fly Fishing, Charters & Regulations

When it comes to fishing in North Lake Tahoe, there are plenty of spots and charters to choose from. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best places to fish and how to make the most of your experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fisherman, there is something here for you

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Posted on 12/29/2021

A Local's Guide to the Best Outdoor Activities in North Lake Tahoe

The Lake Tahoe region of Northern California is best known for its beautiful landscapes. From the crystal-clear waters of Lake Tahoe to impressive mountain summits, thereâs no shortage of outdoor activities in North Lake

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Posted on 9/30/2021

We Know the Best Place to Rent Electric Bikes in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful areas in the United States. This region of northeastern California is home to the largest alpine lake in North America and impressive mountain ranges and sprawling forests. With so much natural beauty to explore, it can be

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Posted on 12/22/2020

Your Guide to the Best Places for Backcountry Skiing in North Lake Tahoe

Skiing is one of the most popular winter activities in North Lake Tahoe. Our area is home to 12 downhill ski resorts, so itâs easy to find great skiing opportunities. Want to challenge yourself on the mountainside this season? Try out backcountry skiing in North...

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Posted on 12/13/2019

Everything You Need To Know About Kings Beach In Lake Tahoe

The Lake Tahoe stretch of Northern California is a popular vacation destination! In the summer, visitors flock to the sandy beaches to soak up the sun and relax by the waterâs edge. More adventurous travelers can rent kayaks or stand-up paddleboards. Kings Beach in Lake Tahoe has everything you...

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Posted on 3/29/2019

Waterman's Landing Has Everything You Need for a Day on the Lake

If youâre local to the North Lake Tahoe area, then you know that thereâs one place to go for your paddling needs. Watermanâs Landing is the premier provider of everything you may need for a day out on the lake. The staff here is amazing, really friendly and super knowledgeable about

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Posted on 2/15/2019

Emerald Bay State Park Is One of the Best Attractions in the Region

If youâre looking for beautiful beaches, great hiking trails, and stunning views, Emerald Bay State Park is the place to go. This is an excellent year-round destination that is the perfect addition to any North Lake Tahoe getaway. Whether you prefer to spend your time on the water or exploring

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Posted on 1/11/2019

Relax at These 5 North Lake Tahoe Beaches

It just takes one summer trip to Lake Tahoe to understand why this stunning destination is a favorite among discerning travelers. Our beaches are pristine, with soft white sand and water so clear, you can see straight to the bottom of the lake. The calm waters mean that itâs perfect for

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