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Things to Do

Things to Do

Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts

Here in North Lake Tahoe we are fortunate to have eight ski resorts in driving distance (not including South Shore resorts). Each resort has its own attributes that makes it unique. Whether you are looking for a family friendly, cost effective, competitive, or just a great view; North Lake Tahoe has some of the most acclaimed mountains to ski or snowboard.

snowmobile lake tahoe

Even if you are not into downhill winter sports, Or some days the weather just does not agree with mountainous winter activities, or some days the weather just does not agree with mountainous winter activities there are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy. Either way, we have put together some alternative options to winter mountain sports. These include snow shoeing, cross country skiing, sledding, ice skating.

Lake Tahoe Dining

Dining in North Lake Tahoe can add a little something extra to the Tahoe experience. When it comes to dining, there really is something for everyone. Beyond the variety of cuisines, North Lake Tahoe has some of the most unique dining experiences between the lakefront and slope side dining establishments. We realize that depending on your desired experience and accompanying party that you want to decide on an establishment that will be best for you. We have provided a list of local eateries to pick the perfect restaurants during your Tahoe stay.

Lakr Tahoe Shopping

Shopping in North Lake Tahoe provides the basic necessities to that unique Tahoe memorabilia. There are numerous shopping options in quaint Tahoe City, Truckee and the Villages of Squaw and Northstar. We have provided a list of local shopping options and some recommendations for that special local Tahoe gift for someone special or yourself ( deserve it!)

Lake Tahoe Family Friendly Snowmobiling

North Lake Tahoe has endless opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast, but sometimes those activities can be a little extreme for the entire family. Whether it is outdoor activities, or a movie on a rainy day, we have compiled a list of activities and sights that the whole family will be sure to enjoy.

Lake Tahoe Night Life

The days are packed full of fun here in North Lake Tahoe and just because the sun goes down it doesn't mean the fun has to stop. From live music to rustic saloons, North Lake Tahoe can provide you and your guests with plenty of opportunities to enjoy an after dark experience.

Lake Tahoe Transportation

Getting around North Lake Tahoe does not have to be a difficult task. There are plenty to alternatives to having to drive around. The area provides both public and private transportation alternatives.

Lake Tahoe Spa

Ready to relax after a long day of skiing or riding?! Or taking a day off from the mountain. How about a massage or a facial to get the full relaxation experience of Lake Tahoe.

Dog Friendly Tahoe

Tahoe isn't just a great place for humans. It's a playground for beloved four legged friends as well. Sometimes it can be difficult planning a trip with your dog, so we have provided some information about the area and establishments that would be best suited for your pup.

Lake Tahoe Beaches

Lake Tahoe has some amazing picturesque views and outdoor activities, however some of the best days can be spent on Lake Tahoe's beautiful shoreline. The beaches of Lake Tahoe provide a unique landscape, from large bouldered beaches to sandy shores, we have complied a list for you to select from.

Lake Tahoe Summer SUP

Summer activities on the North Shore of Tahoe are endless. Whether you are looking for some great land activities like hiking or even zip lining, or if you want to enjoy beautiful Lake Tahoe from the water, we have provided a selection of local activities and associated businesses to help you with planning a fun packed stay.